douglass franklin,

username: moses00007
name: douglass franklin
age: 50
location: manchester, United Kingdom
ethncity: –
occupation: business man
marital status: singles

IP address: –

good and lovely

it is the greatest thing to me, knowing that such a pretty angel like you can be found online,it really makes me feel relief and very happy after taking some time to go through your profile, it really beats my imagination to see that an angel like you still exist on this planet earth, but for the way i can explain it, i will tell you that, your beauty is enough to make any man go crazy, and must stop at nothing to make sure he get and hold on to you which i have come for,i will want you for a good,caring,co mmunication,committed friendship and intimate relationship, marriage and others as it will be okay for you.
My name is Franklin..and you can reach me with these(

Already listed as a scammer on the dating site where we found him

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