Andreev Butler,

username: cuteme897000
name: Andreev Butler
age: 56
location: Waterloo Illinois, United States
ethncity: white
occupation: Civil Engineering
marital status: Divorced

IP address:


I am told that I am a polite, provocative, reliable, funny, offbeat, often charming intellectual with a staid, I’m looking for the impossible or, at least it seems that way. I want to find women that will date, not just post a profile and wait for the waters to part and the bush to burn so their prince-charming will suddenly appear, but someone that can meet for coffee or a drink with an open mind about what might happen. I will hope this woman will have lived a free young life and is ready to calm down a bit and look for a partner to reach goals with, travel with, spend time with. If you’re still into Cafe Frenzy on a Friday night, I’m not looking for you. If you like apps and a couple of glasses of wine after work, then I’d be interested. I’m a person that enjoys a great time, whether its grilling out on the back deck or swinging the club on the 13th fairway. Some other favorite activities are an occasional softball game, riding my bike, working on my sunburn at the lake and hanging out with friends at the local pub. I enjoy college football, especially with a group of friends. Definitely wouldn’t turn down a Sunday afternoon movie. Missing SCUBA for too long, wouldn’t hurt to meet a good dive buddy. Looks like the only thing I’m missing is that one person to share time with. I am interested in meeting a nice girl that shares some of the same interest and would be fun to be around. My friends are important to me, so friendly and outgoing qualities are a must. A great cook is a definite plus. There is a lot more to learn.
I’m thinking that my life was stress free until I had to write this profile,I am kind and loving, strong and committed, thoughtful and fun. I grew up in loving and stimulating environment. I believe that when you open yourself up to possibility, great things can happen. I have a wide variety of interests.I do like to travel,to be in the sun at the beach is # 1 with skiing in Colorado a close #2. My favorite thing is a positive attitude. I love to exercise. (The days are flying by and I want to stay YOUNG!, so I am busy recapturing the extraordinary physique of my youth).When I cannot be at the beach or Colorado, the lake or out by the pool is great. I like parties, kids, movies,and being with friends. Relationships make for a great life, not things. I can adapt to most any type situation and have the ability to open conversation with anyone. I am independent but love being on a team. Real important,,I like to have fun and laugh and (TRY) to make others laugh.I like a lady who smiles and has enthusiasm. I am interested in someone who appreciates what life is but wants to make it better. I like someone who loves like mother Teresa but can dance like Madonna at night,if you are the one i dare you to email me


Hello pretty…. I just read through your profile and i saw something very attractive to me and i decided to let you know.. I don’t really know what to say, but believe me, you are beautiful. My name is Andy, am a single dad of a lovely daughter. Your profile touched my heart. You look so gentle and cute. To be honest with you am so interested in getting to know more about you. I signed into in search of someone honest, caring and understanding. I am a fun loving spontaneous person who likes people with good sense of humor. I think laughter is the key to keeping young and a good outlook. I will really appreciate it if you drop me your email address so i can write directly. Or better still email me at
Till I hear from you

letter to victim:

Thanks forgetting me have your email, I feel honored, I just thought I’d share my background with you to enable you know me more.
I come from a middle-class background, I was born in Illinois, April 6th, 1965. I am the only child of my parents, My mother is from Italy while my dad is from Canada….I don’t speak Italian though….lol, My father has worked a variety of jobs, But he ended up in construction before he died when I was 3years old. I decided to take after my father in construction but in a different style and manner (Civil/Construction/Building Engineering), My mum was working as a medical billier for the government, she bills claims and medical stuffs, she died when I was 24 years of age, I spent most time with my mum. when my dad died, we went back to Italy and later returned to the states when I was 10 years old, most times we travel down to Italy for Holidays while I was schooling in the States so I have a little bit of the Italian accent,When my mum died, there was nobody to talk to as we were very close, she was so protective and always keeps me to herself, it was very difficult for me and then I met Alfreda’s mother, we got engaged and soon we were married but everything changed after the pregnancy of my daughter. I was so happy about it because I love children and she was also happy but due to her lifestyle she could not commit her self to me alone, she felt she would be a bad mother and decided to break up with me. All effort to convince her to stay failed and that really teared me apart and we got divorced 2008, she died on the 7Th of January last year in a fatal accident with her boyfriend, they had drinking problems and she couldn’t stop, Myself and Alfreda was dumbfounded and confused but Alfreda did handled it well because her mum was never there for her, most times she would only come to see Alfreda twice in 6 months.Some day I hope to help people make healthier, more loving decisions with their lives. Perhaps as a kind of counselor. In the mean time, I’m happy with what I am doing because I know that the work I do makes a difference, I love everything about construction, I love to create new things everyday. I don’t get angry easily and if i do, I tried to control myself by leaving the scene and then go back to talk about it after we are all calmed.This will be all for now and thanks for reading, hope that you find nothing offensive in what I wrote, if there is anything else you would like to know, please do not hold back to ask.

IP is South Africa
IP doesn’t correspond location
IP was used in scams before
Nigerian wording
Letter format used in scams before

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