Marina Zyuzzkina,

username: Marina1311
name: Marina Zyuzzkina
age: 28
location: Chernigov, or Ternopil, Ukraine
ethnicity: white
occupation: –
marital status: single

IP address:

I am a nice person. I am very joyful and merry by nature. I am very calm. It is very difficult to make me angry or mad. I like cooking. I can cook all the dishes of Ukrainian cuisine and read housekeeping magazines in search of the recipes of foreign cuisines.I think I can be an ideal wife. I am also a good housewife. I can do everything about the house. I am very patient. I am tidy and like everything be kept in order. I am able to overcome all difficulties because I am very strong spiritually. I’m looking for a decent, honest person with whom you can build strong relationships

message: –

IP is Mykolaiv, Ukraine
IP doesn’t correspond location
Profile description is widely used in scams
Registered on different sites with different details

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