Harry Benson, harrybenson362@gmail.com

username: harrybenson
name: Harry Benson
email: harrybenson362@gmail.com
age: 59
location: Magnolia, Texas, United States
ethnicity: hispanic
occupation: engineer
marital status: widowed

IP address:

I am a cool-going man, I am honest and big heart. I have a great sense of humor and can dish it out to make a sad day enjoyable. I laugh often and am very optimistic. I think my smile is contagious : I basically would just like to meet a good hearted woman with strong morals, values and character. I enjoy fishing, I love comedy, especially live stand up.. laughing is the best feeling.

Hello beautiful, how are you doing? i saw your profile so interesting and something motivated me to communicate with you as i found you worthy of acceptance my dear please i will like to know more about you

IP is South Africa
IP doesn’t correspond location
Profile description is widely used in scams
Nigerian scamming from South Africa

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