James Gracman, jracman121@gmail.com

username: jracy2
name: James Gracman
email: jracman121@gmail.com
age: 43
location: Rochester, New York, or Norcross, Georgia, United States
ethnicity: native american
occupation: aeronautical Enegineer
marital status: divorced

IP address:

well am damn great gentlemen,shy and also optimistic about life,easy to go fellow and love kids aswell.. sensible and inevitably most shy but ready to learn and also a good or should i say a great listener my life revolves inmost with happiness basically my job and my offspring’s with which in all i give thanks to most high…
well am very much in a search of a good woman even though i am not in search for the perfect one but a woman who is a darling and also who cares about his man and the household she is betrothed to,seemingly very virtuous aND A WELL TO DO LADY

message: –

IP is a proxy
IP doesn’t correspond location
Registered on different sites with different details
Nigerian wording

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