Margaret Roskell,

14199471_135472030236138_5228628212827027374_nusername: margaret
name: Margaret Roskell
age: 47
location: Amsterdam, Netherlands
ethnicity: white
occupation: business
marital status: widowed

IP address:

I am currently admitted in a private hospital

My Dear Beloved.
I need a very honest and God fearing person
I am Mrs. Margaret Roskell from Netherland I have been suffering from esophageal cancer of the since 2003. My husband Mr.Edward Roskell, who was a gold distributor in many parts of the world. The owner of the closed Emgoldez and Had being buying gold in Russia, Gabon, Ghana and many gold producing counties at a cheaper rate and sell in USA, ASIA and many European gold dealers at a high marginal income since 1973.
Recently, my doctor told me that I will die any moment from now due to deadly stage of cancer. He told me this so that I will abide in the Lord which is best thing to do now. After a two weeks’ charismatic revival held in our cancer ward by the St James’s catholic charismatic group London, the Lord touched my heart to fulfill the promise I made 7 years ago to help the underprivileged in a country of my choice.
I’m now searching for a kindhearted and humble within your country to help me share my fund to the under privileged, orphans and the handicapped. The concerned beneficiary will take 20% of the total sum as his or her personal gift for being the direct source of joy to the underprivileged while 80% of this fund will be shared amongst the underprivileged.
Moreover, I have chosen the second account out of our three company bank accounts in three different banks and countries which has the remaining balance of $8.5 million USA dollars. If you have the intention to share this$8.5 million united states of American dollars by yourself and have agreed with my percentage sharing strategy,
So if you are willing to accept this offer and do exactly as I will instruct, get back to me with your email address for more details and clarification.
I’ll show you many evidence about my offer at seeing your honest reply.
Best regards!
Mrs. Margeret Roskell.

IP is Togo
IP doesn’t correspond location
Picture is a stock photo
Picture doesn’t correspond “her” claimed age
Mass-mailing with 419 dying widow scam

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