Sarah Nadler,

40813_nusername: sarahnadler
name: Sarah Nadler
alternative email:
alternative names: Maureen Danar, Collins
age: 29
location: Washington DC, United States
ethnicity: black
occupation: medical Doctor
marital status: single

IP address:

Hi I looking for friends overseas to find out more about different cultures and lifestyles. I have a variety of intrests and am open to discussions on most anything.

I’m a 27 years old women from USA I seek for a nice romantic man for a true Relationship and for penpals all over the World respond please by i am always allow to be on this site for fact that I am working with united nation peace keeping mission as a medical Doctor and surgery Specialist staff treating injured civilians in Aleppo Damascus Syria respond

another message:
Am glad you always get back at me and it makes me know how real you are and how much you want me.Am so excited that you are interested in me and am happy i have found you as am new here and know we can work something out together.I really wanna get to know more about u as am interested in meeting you but It was nice to have heard back from you

IP is Nigeria
IP doesn’t correspond location
Registered on different sites with different names
Picture doesn’t correspond “her” claimed race
Contradiction in age
Nigerian wording

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