Olivier Percy, olivier.percy@twc.com

40665_nusername: oilvierpercy
name: Olivier Percy
email: olivier.percy@twc.com
age: 68
location: Lome, Togo
ethnicity: black
occupation: barrister
marital status: widowed

IP address:

I am a simple humble man looking for good friends who we can share ideas together.

My name is Barr Olivier Percy a Togolese, It’s nice to meet you online. I have gone through your profile and found out you are a honest person that can be trusted that is why i came through this channel to contact you. there is something very important i want to discuss with you over email. i will appreciate if you can get back to me on my private email so that we can have a private discussion. you can contact me on my private email: olivier.percy@twc.com as i wait for your response. i am not a fan of social network so please i wait for your email.

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