Danny Hills, clark20colin@hotmail.com

40761_nusername: danny101
name: Danny Hills
email: clark20colin@hotmail.com
alternative email: dannracquel@outlook.com
alternative name: Danny Hill, Clark Colin, Dann Racquel
age: 46
location: losangel, United States
ethnicity: native american
occupation: woodmakeer /house bulider
marital status: divorced

IP address:

i am danny Hill from united state .i am there to look for a very good woman who will be my life wife and who can understand me and will understand her too i pray that i may have it in the dis site .

Hello my dear i am Danny hills from united states i can say that i like you and i will like to known you more because you are the type of woman i like in my life please baby i will like to hear from you have a nice day with the lovely care of my heart bye…..

another 419 message:
Hello Sir ,
How are you doing ? My name is Colin Clark the Executive Director, Global Client Group of Standard Life Investments, England. I have a proposal which might interest you. Kindly get back to me via my personal email account for more details. ( clark20colin@hotmail.com )
Thank you and have a wonderful day Sincerely,
Colin Clark

IP is Nigeria
IP doesn’t correspond location
Cannot spell his own last name
Registered on different sites with different names
Mass-mailing with 419 junk
Nigerian wording

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