Esther Benyah,

38486_nusername: esther11026
name: Esther Benyah
alternative name: Alice Benyah
alternative email:
age: 30
location: Willow Grove, Pennsylvania, United States
ethnicity: mixed
occupation: student
marital status: single
scammer’s real name: Vandy Lord aka Nana Agyeman

IP address:

I am very positive, spontaneous, warm, witty, well-read, honest, open minded. I also walk and Meditation to keep my body, mind and soul clean, healthy and happy. I love traveling but haven’t seen many Lands of this world.. I believe that we are children still at heart, capable of wonder, revelry and change, but, something should be stable. I am an intense friend, sees his glass as half full. I have always drawn to Oceans, mountains and nature. when there is good music, I love to dance, I also enjoy art, cultural activities, exploring new places, visiting museums. I also enjoy romantic picnics, candle light dinner. I believe the kiss is the most intimate and sensual thing that two people can share. kissing is an art form. On the more romantic side, I love to cuddle up near the fire, I love to touch and be touched. Throw your dreams in to the sky, like a kite, and you may get a new friend, a new life OR a new LOVE

Hello. Am Esther, Single and searching. Am 30 yrs. I Must admit that your profile caught my attention and that’s why i decided to check you out. Well i would like us to give it a try and see where it will lead us to. You profile looks like what i have been searching for. If you find me attractive and want to hit me up. K.benyah101 at gmail is my id.

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IP is a proxy
IP doesn’t correspond location
Profile description is widely used in scams
Email leads to his real mug on Facebook: Vandy Lord from Accra, Ghana

A quote from his REAL Facebook (a scam mentality):
“Lions sleep for 18 hours a day but a donkey works for 18 hours a day. If hardwork is the secret to success, the donkey would have been the king of the jungle. I believe in luck and destiny. Let the wise understand.”

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